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VtDataset "file does not exist"

Question asked by matt_bruensteiner on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by bafisher

I am trying to make a voltage source with time domain output defined by the contents of a file.

I made a ".TIM" file following the documentation:

#T (SEC V R 50)
% t voltage
0.0 0.26548945640471416
6.061645695759878e-13 0.2955092133343143
1.2123291391519757e-12 0.3336646299284743
1.8184937087279635e-12 0.36230475777412924
2.4246582783039513e-12 0.3853563867090942



Then I make a VtDataset object in my schematic and give the path to this file in the Dataset parameter of the VtDataset object. I give "voltage" as the Expression parameter of the VtDataset.


After starting the simulation I get this error:

    Dataset file `C:/Users/mattbruensteiner/TEST.TIM' does not exist in the data directories specified. 

(I set the Dataset parameter using the "browse..." button, so the file certainly does exist at that location)


Related old question that I've already read, without : Custom time domain signal: from .csv file to .tim format 


Any idea what is going wrong?


ADS version is ADS 2017. Version details says: Design Environment (*) 470.update0.2 Feb 22 2018 (64-bit)


For reference, here's the setup of my VtDataset object: