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Volatility Statements Repository

Question asked by zetajohn on Jun 13, 2018
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Trying to track down volatility statements for every piece of test equipment is a major pain. It shouldn't be. Everyone moving equipment in and out of a SCIF needs one. Which tells me there must be plenty of such statements floating around the IC Sphere. So why is it so hard to get one? My company creates and keeps volatility statements for every product it produces and stores them all in a particular directory on our production server. I realize we do not have the extensive number of products that Keysight does nor do we allow access to anyone outside the company like I am asking Keysight to do, however they are all in one place and can be found within seconds when I need one. It's a lot to ask, I know, but would you please create a pull-down menu on your website so I can select ANY/ALL associated .pdf documents for any given piece of test equipment (in this case, a volatility statement for the N5102A) so I'm not loosing precious testing time waiting to get something repaired or moved to another lab. This is laterally killing my contract.