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Power Problem?

Question asked by johntimber on Jun 11, 2018



Fairly new to Pi but bought a B rev2 a number of years ago and never used it. Now I am getting into home automation I thought I would give it a go before my new Pi 3 turns up.
Tried several different images / SD cards and they all seem to result in the same outcome. Some of the images start to load have all the LEDs flashing then go to a screen with no signal and only the red power LED is on. Last image I tried was NOOB with Kodi installed, gets the Kodi screen then a minute or two later just seems to drop out like before.t
Tried moving the mouse to make sure it wasn't going into standby or something silly, same thing.
Tried different USB cables, tried different USB power supplies (currently using a HP one I got with a tablet 5.3v 2.0A) same result every time?


Please help.


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