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SCPI - Do Cal - N5182A MXG

Question asked by svanan77 on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by svanan77

Hi All,


I have managed to `Configure Cal Array` on N5182A MXQ. Do you happen to know the right SCPI to trigger `Do Cal`?


Manually it is accessed as below,

Key Path: Amptd > More > User Flatness > Do Cal


I have successfully upgraded the firmware to A.01.87 as there were issues on missing SCPI command for `Do Cal`

Refer> Agilent MXG N518xA Signal Generator Firmware Release Descriptions 


But unfortunately could not find what is the right syntax using the below,



I tried to use the `Help` button. But seem the help file on the instrument has not been updated to show the right SCPI command, as shown below.


Do this SCPI command forgotten to be recorded in the manual and help file?



Saravanan K