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EMC testing with CXA 9000B - Dynamic range

Question asked by Rasik on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by emcpete

Hello all,

I am working with a CXA 9000B with all options enabled. In particular, while using as an EMI receiver for EMC pre-compliance, I face issues with Dynamic range. PFA photographs to compare the results of Keysight and R&S EMI receiver



  • For identical settings of Dwell time (MT for R&S), RBW and frequency step size; the lower and higher values of signal detected by R&S is large [Dynamic range].
  • With LISN factor of 10dB defined for R&S LISN [Keysight aint got one, third party not available]- only DC offset of 10dB was introduced. Signal shifted upwards and coincided with R&S signal, but what about the lower picks?
  • What is the dynamic range for CXA9000B with EMI receiver option?
  • What is concept of Low-High preamplifier offered with EMI receiver?


My assumption-

  • In case of EMC, one cant use pre-amplifier, as its concerned with true power returned by DUT to power line.


System block diagram


System block diagram

R&S result





CXA without correction factor


CXA without LISN correction




CXA with 10 dB correction factor


CXA 10dB LISN correction