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Got a very strange SAW peak

Question asked by beatouyoo on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2011 by biff44
Hi, I fabricated the simplest interdigital transducer to interdigital transducer pair on GaN/sapphire, and measured it with the 8753C VNA. I got a peak shown like this. Image

I am sure the peak shows up at the correct frequency and this is indeed a SAW peak. But it seems to me the peak flips downward. (I have IDT-IDT pairs with wavelength 8 um, 12 um, 16 um and 20 um. There are always something like this kind of kink at their corresponding frequencies.)

I tried 1601 points and 2 seconds sweep time from 500 - 700 MHz, it is always like this. Has any one come across this situation before, or has any good idea about the reason? Thanks a lot!