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Spoll/Serial Polling Alignments completed

Question asked by batigol Employee on Jun 6, 2018
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I have spent already considerable time with the Keysight Literature and below VEE example but I still do not get how to manage the sync with the SA while the full alignments are being run.


How do I poll to determine when the internal alignments are complete on my X-Series or PSA Series Signal Analyzer | Keys… 


As soon as I send the CAL:ALL command to my SA, the box will not react to any other sequential commands as long as the Alignments are running. Depending on the box, this may demand some minutes.


One "dirty" way of doing this, is to increase the time out of the interface accordingly before sending CAL:ALL.

In this way, I can send afterwards a sequential command such as OPC? to monitor the end of the Alignments.


But this requires to know in advance how long my Alignments will take, so that I can set up the time out upfront.


Other two possibilities are to set an interrupt method or to serial poll the status byte.

After having run several tests and having read quite a lot, I am not able to understand how to implement the second method which is normally described everywhere as spoll.


Could somebody help?