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waveform builder pro installation instructions

Question asked by jbwork on Jun 4, 2018

I purchased your AFG and the associated Waveform Builder Pro software (License).

I have installed them but wanted to put instructions in our software repository. Seems easy enough.

I know from experience that installing the three necessary packages in the wrong order is very time consuming and will require removal and re-install in the correct order, so I'll just check the Waveform Builder webpage for the installation instructions. Yeah.


I have spent about half an hour trying to find said installation instructions for waveform builder pro.

There are none that I can find with any of the site searches I've tried.

I have seen something about this but:

1 - You should not need to care about the order.

2 - There should be a tool to check for a valid installation and if necessary fix the problems.

3 - If you are unable to meet items 1 and 2, then put the darn instructions with the tool!


Both the tool and the associated AFG are expensive. This should mean you Keysight actually provide professional software and documentation.

I do not expect to need to spend time searching for installation instructions anywhere other than the web page specifically created to support the product.

If you provide a link to download the installation files, don't assume I want to download the whole package just so I can find/read the install instructions.

If the install order is critical make this very visible!



Jim Brooks.