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N9344C HSA for reading pulsed radar carrier signals. 

Question asked by umdwr on Jun 4, 2018
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We have the N9344C at my job site and one of its uses is to check the frequency of pulsed microwave RADAR signals. I've notice that this HSA seems to have problems with automatically keeping a steady indication of the signal, rather it shows the signal intermittently then it pops out of view (disappears into the noise floor). Most of the time I have to slow down the sweep to get a steady indication. I also noticed that a high-end Rhode and Schwarz HSA that we borrowed for awhile always detected and maintained a steady indication.  I'm thinking that the N9344C has issues with automatically adjusting to pulsed signals, because it has no problem indicating CW signals from a signal generator at the same frequencies. 


Is there something I can do, or possibly add as an option in order to eliminate the futzing around with RBW just to see the signal?  Is this possibly because the the N9344C HSA is not the best choice for reading pulsed MW radar signals? 

What can I look for in specs that might have given me a clue before purchasing.