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Integrated Antenna Received Power Simulation

Question asked by Riju on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by Riju

I have simulated the antenna structure in HFSS, and made the .s1p file which I have imported to ADS and connect rest of the circuits. 


1. In the receiver design, the antenna receives power which will be fed to the next stage (LNA/Mixers etc). Generally antenna response is extracted into 1-port S-parameter touchstone file (from HFSS) and connected to the next part, then how can I feed received RF power at RF frequency to the next stage in simulation, so to say antenna port power? Here, I am adding one port s-parameter file of antenna as black box having another port as reference which is made to ground, but I can't simulate (Harmonic Balance) the rest part as I cant feed the power to the next stage like using P1_Tone termination. Here, the antenna port impedance is not 50ohm, rather it is complex conjugately matched to the next stage, so cant replace s1p block by simply P1_Tone with Zo=50. As antenna is integrated to the LNA, so antenna terminal is connected to the LNA input, here how can I implement antenna port power with the EM simulated layout of the integrated structure?


2. Will there be any added advantage if this integrated antenna design is made into EMPro?