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Will the real voltage please stand up.

Question asked by ScopeDope on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by mychal

Hello Forum,


I've keyword searched the scope forum here and still have not found exactly what I am looking for. As the topic says it all, I'm trying to determine what probe attenuation ratio will show the actual circuit voltage.


I understand that reading higher voltages in circuits is followed suit by greater probe attenuation at the scope probe setting. My question is this:


In reading the Measurements (Amplitude) on the scope with a attenuation rate set at 10:1 am I seeing the true circuit voltage or is this reading nulled by a factor of 10? Taking in to account the voltage being measured and applying the correct probe attenuation I am looking for a "best setting" that will truly represent the circuit voltage present at the probe tip. I hope I didn't confuse myself.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated from the community.