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8753C Average out white noise for each frequency point

Question asked by beatouyoo on Oct 26, 2011
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I read the sweep-to-sweep averaging and IF bandwidth reduction to lower the noise floor, but it seems not the noise reduction I want to do. In my case, I sweep the network analyzer from 50MHz to 800MHz, with 1601 points. For each frequency point, I need to narrow the bandwidth and average out the white noise.

I have a measurement which is = (signal + noise).  If I can take a long average of this over a narrow Hz band centered at say 300 MHz, (as done in a spectrum analyzer with some math processing, over multiple data runs) I limit the noise bandwidth, and can average the noise to zero, since it is white noise.

For example, say for a frequency point at 300MHz, the signal is 0.2 Vpp (300MHz) but is buried under DC or very low frequency white noise ~ 0.8 V. I need to average out the white noise for all the 1601 frequency step from 50MHz to 800MHz. Can I achieve this with the 8753C?