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PNA-X Saving Data Traces

Question asked by andyTPE on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by daras
Hello PNA-X Users,

Mundane question:
PNA-X with f/ware 09.22.02
I have 3 channels setup in the same window to perform swept harmonic distortion measurements.  Each channel has a single B,1 trace in it.  I want to (stress-free) save the 3 traces to a csv file (File->Save Data As).  According to the help, if I choose Scope: Displayed Traces it should - 'Saves all displayed traces for all channels'.  However it is only saving data from the currently selected channel.

Can someone repeat/confirm this behaviour? 

And if so, is this problem fixed in a newer release?

And, if not, what am I missing/doing wrong?