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Question asked by NoVSWRDonny on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by Dr_joel
Searching around the net I found this site. Great site BTW.
Unfortunately, the reason for my search is not a happy one; On the 14th of this month I had an HP8753E s/n US38432489 with option 010 stolen   It's funny that one day my faith in the human race was shattered and the next it was semi restored by a fellow engineer who heard of my plight. As soon as he heard of the trouble he called me and offered to lend his Agilent 8753ES to me for as long as I need it  

With that said, I'm in need of a replacement analyzer and am torn between a ENA series and a PNA series. I do not need to go above 6 GHz and do need TDR function, so a ENA would fit nicely except I would like the comfigurable test set for amplified measurements using a directional coupler. Any advise you could give would be welcome.

In closing; Be on the look out for an outdated, unsupported, money making gray box, my trusty HP 8753E