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Uncertainty with embedding fixtures

Question asked by TE_Ed on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Dr_joel

I plan to calibrate some cables going into a chamber and also on the other side of the chamber. 



1. Use VNA cables and calibrate with an ECAL to calibrate the VNA. 2-port calibration

2. Measure Cable going into chamber and get an s2p file

3. Measure Cable coming out of the chamber and get an s2p file

4. Connect cable going into chamber to VNA cable out of port 1 and to chamber input port. 

5. Connect cable coming out of chamber to VNA cable out of port 2 and to chamber output port. 

6. Embed the two cables into the measurement


To compute the error using the VNA cables I can use the keysight uncertainty calculator. 


But once I add the embedded fixtures to the measurement what is the network analyzer uncertainty? I'm ignored cable flexure in this example.