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Agilent 85131F cables and RF cable selection up to 26.5GHz

Question asked by benooi on Nov 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by Dr_joel
I have a PNA-X. I am recently tasked to setup a measurement system up to 26.5GHz. I am used to working at frequencies below 6GHz. At these frequencies, the RF coaxial cables usually have a return loss of >25dB. From literature a 3.5mm coaxial cable would suffice. Currently the cables in my lab are SMA cables. I chance upon Agilent's 85131F 3.5mm cables that works up to 26.5GHz. However, to my surprise it has a return loss of >16dB from the description. So my question would be

a) Why would i choose to purchase this 3.5mm coaxial cable over the SMA cable? Could my 26.5GHz cal kit take into account the losses of the SMA cable up to this frequency?
b) Why is the return loss so poor in Agilent's 85131F 3.5mm cables? Would this not affect the measurements accuracy? Agilent does not provide graphs and plots of the S-Parameters for this cable. Do you have any to share?

Appreciate your kind assistance. Thank you.