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Insertion Loss Results

Question asked by Synergy2010 on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by Dr_joel
I am using  the 8753D network analyzer
I am attempting to test for insertion loss.

Test Requirements:
Insertion loss per 100ft
N-type to N-type
Frequency Range: 1GHz
Max Loss: 14dB

Network Analyzer Set up:
Measure: S21 Transmit
Format: Log Mag
Scale Ref: Auto Scale
Center: 1GHz
Span: 500MHz
Marker: 1GHz
AVG: Averaging ON Smoothing ON

Now, my test requirement indicates loss per 100 ft.
If I'm testing a 72" cable and getting a result on the analyzer of (-0.3915dB), how do I calculate loss per 100 ft.

current way I'm doing this is      ( 100(0.3915))/6ft= 6.525dB per 100 ft. or (100/6ft)(0.3915dB)=6.525
is this accurate?  Reason i am unsure is , theoretically if I am using same connectors and same cable, whether its a 6 ft cable of a 50 ft cable, over 100 ft they should be near the same value, correct?