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How Can I generate BPSK modulated signal in M8190A AWG?

Question asked by mahfuza on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by thysell

Hi there,


I used the M8190A soft front panel software for generating waveform and BPSK modulation scheme and sent it to the instruments and it is upconverted to 5Ghz carrier Rf in PSG. The output of the M8190A + PSG is shown as the screenshot. But the EVM is so high in this case. I guess we can reduce EVM, I tried in M8190A soft front panel to do it, but it did not change the EVM. Can I follow any other way to improve the output of M8190A + PSG so that we can reduce the EVM. I believe if the EVM is reduced to 2% then the spectrum of the signal will be more flat.


ThanksOutput of the M8190A+PSG with BPSK modulation scheme!