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agilent 34903 Actuator/Relay card not working in remote mode

Question asked by le.zhang on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by tomc

I have a simple SPDT relay on the 34903A card, hooked into a 34972A DAQ Unit.

The COM is a 5V supply from an external source,and I have the NO pin hooked up to an input externally as well.

When testing this relay on the front, it works fine.

However, I am unable to actuate it remotely. I send the following cmd:

"ROUT:CLOS (@301)"

I dont get any errors back and I get a return message from the cmd. However, the relay doesnt actually switch.


As soon as I make a connection to the 34972A, the front panel no longer gives me control for open/closing the channel also.


If I use the same command on an unused channel(@302), it works even remotely.

What is going on here?