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Agilent EasyExpert w/ parameter analyzer

Question asked by sjohnston on Jun 4, 2011
Hello everyone, I'm using the EasyExpert software with my parameter analyzer to characterize some devices. I'm having trouble with using EasyExpert to manipulate the data to get the information I need. I am doing an Id-Vg sweep of an NMOS device and am stepping the drain voltage so I have 2 curves for 2 different drain voltages. I am simply trying to measure the shift in sub-threshold conduction, so what I would like to do is find the drain current for my initial curve at a specified gate voltage, then on the second curve find what gate voltage also has this same drain current, and then calculate the difference in gate voltage.

I've looked through the user manual and start-up guide but am still having trouble doing this. Would I have to use auto-analysis to do this? I've been trying to find a way to draw a horizontal line that crosses the data point for the drain current from the first curve (the current at the specified gate voltage), and then find where this curve intersects my second set of data. However, I am struggling to even draw a horizontal line using the auto-analysis interface.

If there is a better approach to this, I am interested in hearing it. Any help is appreciated, and thank you for your time.