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Extending frequency range of 8753E

Question asked by RadioRon on Jan 9, 2008
I currently use an 8753E opt 11 along with the 85046A for measurements up to 3 GHz, but now I have a project needing 3 to 5 GHz coverage.  I'm wondering what my upgrade options are, short of buying another instrument.  The S parameter test set is easy to replace, as I can substitute an external power splitter and directional coupler for my S11 and S21 measurements.  But there appears to be no easy path to upgrading the 8753E itself for 6GHz operation other than to find an 8753EU option 611 package.  This upgrade kit is no longer available from Agilent.  Can anyone recommend aftermarket sources for such a thing?

Alternatively, is it feasible to add some external circuitry for S11 measurement, namely a power splitter to feed the R channel, and in the other path a passive doubler plus filter then directional coupler then test port.  On the coupled output of the coupler, I put a mixer to downconvert back to sub-3MHz, using the analyzer output signal as the LO for this mixer.  Could this work?

Any advice would be appreciated.