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PNA-L N5230A :: no video output after waking up

Question asked by Constantine on Jun 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by Constantine
Our Lab has owned a N5230A since late 2008, which I've been using regularly (4-port, 300 k -- 13.5 Gigs, 1.1 GHz CPU, 40 GB HDD, Win XP).

Everything was working fine till yesterday evening, when I last put the instrument to sleep.
Today I returned to the Lab to continue with the measurements, but when I pressed the power button to bring the VNA out of hibernation, no image appeared either on the screen or on the external 17" monitor that I use to work more comfortably. The VNA screen is blacked out, and the monitor displays a "no video input" message.

The power button turned green as it should, and the fans are audible as usual. I cannot tell whether there is any HDD activity, because the noise from the hard disk has always been masked by the fans.

I pressed the power button for 4 seconds to put the instrument back to sleep, and, after it turned yellow, I removed the power cord from the outlet. I waited for about a minute, while I was removing all the peripherals, and then I powered the VNA back up. Same behavior, no luck. Another symptom that I noticed was that the USB ports are not getting any power: when I connected the mouse and the keyboard to all 5 USB ports, I noticed they weren't getting any power.

After studying the service guide N5230-90013, the only hint I got was that probably the A15 CPU Board needs replacement ("Power Up Troubleshooting", page 4-12).

Do you think this is really the case? Does it sound strictly like a hardware problem?
Is there any chance that this might be a software problem? For instance, the OS could have locked the graphics output somehow, and it could be functioning again after a restart or a shut-down/boot-up sequence. But even then, how do I restart the VNA without being able to see anything? Is there a reset button, or a jumper or a switch?

Please, advise.

Kind regards,