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8753C Opt 06: enabling 6 GHz NA operation w/o 85047A

Question asked by myerseng on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2010 by 8510fan
I am using an 8753C Opt 006 within an custom test system of our making. We do not
use the S-Parameter Test Set (Test Set, HP 85047), but need to operate up
to 6 GHz. Our system has a Doubler already built-in. I only need to fool
the 8753C into believing that the Test Set is plugged in, to enable Network
Analyzer operation from 5-6 GHz. Is there a pin in the DB-25 connector (back of the 8753C) I can pull up or down to do this? If not, how can I
enable NA 6 GHz mode without a Test Set? Thank you in advance for any help