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ECAL adaptor removal calibration problem

Question asked by jamesh on Oct 17, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by bhokkan
I am trying to perform a Adaptor removal calibration using an ECAL kit and Smart cal wizard on a PNA, however I get error messages and the calibration sequence does not continue. I am using the following equipment
PNA N5230C firmware version A.09.20.08
ECAL module N4690-60005 ( 2 port N type male connections on both ports) frequency range 300KHz to 18GHz.

Prior to the adaptor removal I have selected a start and stop frequency of 50MHz and 1GHz respectively with number of points set to 1601. I then follow the steps in the Smart cal wizard for Ecal.

I have attached the PNA screen shots showing the sequence I am following and the subsequent error messages.

In addition to the primary error message If I then select the "Thru Cal method" as ECal (defined thru) and select the Cal Type Stds button the PNA displays a fatal error message with an OK button. If I clik OK the PNA application closes. I have the crash log folder (pointed to by the fatal error message) available if required. This looks like a firmware bug, however I do not understand why the Calibration fails prior to this point.

You help would be appreciated.