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GPIB Errors on HP4395

Question asked by DDobbyn on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by DDobbyn

We have two HP4395A spectrum analysers here.  I have developed all my programs on one of them and they work ok - using GPIB and programmed in VBA.  When I use the second analyser the programs don't work.

Using the Agilent Connection Expert and Agilent Interactive IO I can connect to both analysers ok but on one device some GPIB commands do not work.

For example, *IDN? command works on both analyers. *OPT? returns 010 on the good on and 1D6,010 on the bad one.

But a command like CAT? (and most others) will not work on the 'bad' analyser.

The firmware revisions are Rev1.04 Feb 2000 on the 'good' analyser and Rev 1.00 Aug 1997 on the 'bad analyser.

Any help would be appreciated.