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Frequency UpConverter Phase Stability Test (E8363B)

Question asked by DeMartinis on Sep 19, 2008
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I would like to test the phase stability of an X-Band to W-Band Upconverter Using an available E8363B PNA with Agilent W-Band PowerHead Option.

Is it possible to replace one of the Agilent W-Band Power heads with the upconverter as DUT and use the remaining Agilent W-band Power head as a phase-sensitive "receiver"? (Assuming I've supplied appropriate power levels to/from the upconverter so as not to destroy the Agilent W-Band power head and to sufficiently drive the upconverter).

If such a setup is possible, is the calibration approach the same as when using the E8363B PNA with Agilent W-Band PowerHead Option?

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated!