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Differential Source Impedance Measurement with E5071C

Question asked by JerryRenken on Jun 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by ysekine
I have a differential frequency swept source, covering 1 - 2000 MHz with a nominal 100 ohm source impedance.  Signal amplitude is one volt.  I would like to measure this device's source impedance, in a differential mode, using my Agilent E5071C VNA.

I plan to configure a pair of ports on the VNA as a differential port.  I then plan to sweep my differential source over its frequency range, while sweeping my VNA over the same range, but offset slightly in frequency from my differential source frequency. 

I also plan to further protect my VNA measurement circuitry by specifying a narrow IF bandwidth around the VNA's measurment frequency.

Has anyone made this measurement before?

Would you discuss same using a test diagram?