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Simple Antenna Measurement within PNA

Question asked by thangyw on Feb 6, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2006 by loren.betts

I wanted to use the PNA  to make simple antenna measurement using trigger from turn table to point trigger PNA.
I need your advise if my idea will work:
Assuming Turn Table rotate from 0 to 360 deg
1. Put PNA to CW Time
2. Setup Point Trigger, Number of Points(e.g. 180 points: each point correspond to 2 deg), CW Frequency
3. PNA CW Sweep time < Turn Table Trigger time (To make sure PNA moves faster than turn table)
4. Turn Table will then rotate(0-360deg) and trigger PNA for each point measurement

Plot in CW Time will be Amp vs Time (Number of points)
Each point actually correspond to each angle

Will the idea work for sample antenna measurement within PNA??  The calibration will be the next consideration.