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8510B VNA with 8514A?

Question asked by xpatriot on Jun 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2008 by RayH
Hi folks!

Can someone please tell me if an 8514A S-Parameter test set is compatible with the 8510B VNA? And is that spelled out somewhere in black and white?

Yeah, I'm on a fool's errand to bring this system back to life.

My RF source will be an 8350B + 83595A sweeper set. I have the 8510C preflight checkout sheet (though mine is a B model) . It was very helpful, but does not mention the 8514A at all. I'm trading in my 8516A 2.4mm test set for a 3.5mm one. I can get either the 8514A or the 8515A for it. I wish I could get an N-Type test set for the system, but oh, well.

Also, does anyone produce Verification-Kits with data on tape, or possibly correction data accessible through the IEEE? I saw one at Maury Microwave with a data tape, I think. Any suggestions on the best way to get traceable? Where to get the right kit? I heard that my VNA will be useless I can upload the verification data via tape. Why not through the HPIB interface?

Thanks for any help you can provide.