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Time domain reflectometry versus CW Freq

Question asked by rajsodhi Employee on Mar 24, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by rajsodhi

I'm confused about the difference between Time Domain Reflectometry (option 010 on our N5242A) and simply setting the sweep type to CW freq.  I can see that a whole lot more numerical horsepower goes into a TDR, because it's taking a broadband frequency sweep, and calculating the inverse Fourier transform to put us in the time domain.  What would be the difference in interpretation? 

Also, I've noticed that the starting level of Re(S11) in the transform mode seems to vary as we make changes to capacitances on the MCM module.  Is this a mathematical artifact?  nothing about my edge launch connector or the transmission line leading up to the MCM has changed.

Thanks so much!