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Measurement repeatability

Question asked by DSTEPHENS on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by DSTEPHENS
Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is a strange request or if such data is available, but will try asking anyway....I would like to enquire if it is possible to obtain data on the measurement repeatability of the receivers in a PNA (E8362B)? In particular I would like to understand the kind of measurement spread one should expect when performing a referenced measurement.

I performed a referenced measurement (e.g. A/R2 or B/R1, see PNA configuration) and looked at the raw measurement data, (i.e. uncalibrated real & imag values). The measurement is essentially a direct connection between the PNA source out and measurement receiver (either A or B), tho the data read is referenced (A/R2 or B/R1). A frequency sweep with 37 frequency points is run repeatedly, 50 times (in a measurement loop). I then had a look at the spread across the 50 measurements taken for each frequency point in terms of the real & imaginary terms measured. The spread for the B/R1 combination was about ~10 times higer than the A/R2 combination. I would like to determine what the accepted limits are for such a measurement. I'd be happy to further explain what I did and the measurement data.

Many thanks for your time.