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Problem configuring non Agilent external source on PNA-X

Question asked by andyTPE on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by andyTPE
Hello PNA-X Users,

I am having problems configuring an external non-Agilent source for a mixer measurement on a PNA-X (fw A.09.31.01).

I have configured the source using the AGGeneric driver and modified the RF power state command.

However, I get a syntax error reported (to the PNA-X screen) when I hit the OK on the screen config which indicates that the source does not like the  'MIN' syntax.  I assume the PNA-X is querying the source for capabilities (freq and power?) and the source does not like the query syntax.  In the AGGenric driver I get the option to specify some of the generic commands, but I do not see anywhere where I can control the syntax of the queries.

So my questions:
1) I searched the online help but struggled to find any in-depth information in to what IO traffic is being sent to the source.  Is there some additional app note or info somewhere that provides additional info on configuring non-Agilent sources?
2) Is it possible to write your own driver for a specific non-Agilent source and have the PNA-X use that (I think I saw some mention of that once, but maybe I dreamt it!)