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monitor phase jumps with a PNA

Question asked by ianh on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2008 by daras
The network analyzer I am using is a PNA E8263B. I need to monitor relative group delay or phase of a device over a long period of time (several hours).  I need to be able to tell if there any jumps in phase at any time.  The problem is, I cannot figure out a way to have the PNA tell me if I've had this condition.  As of right now, the only way to determine if there was a phase jump would be to watch the trace on the screen carefully.  This seems unreasonable. 

So far I've tried to use the limit test of the PNA, but the "FAIL" condition of the limit test doesn't seem to latch, meaning the phase could jump, but the PNA will not "hold" reporting of this condition.

I've also tried using a max hold firmware addon, but this software doesn't have the feature to work with phase or group delay changes.

I've also looked at trying to use data trending firmware add-ons, which will allow me to save data after every trace or at certain time intervals.  This seems to be my best option right now, except I'd probably end up either filling the hard drive will too much data to analyze, or not save enough data and miss the phase change.

Anyone have any ideas?