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What's the best way submit a feature request to Agilent?

Question asked by ClifG on Apr 26, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2006 by odanzy
I have been programming for the ENA for some time. I have used all methods of communicating with the ENA (COM, SCPI, VISA, TELNET). I prefer the COM method as it requires no external computer and is pretty fast to boot. One problem with accessing via COM is the lack of events.
There is an "OnPress" event for the usermenu but no events for the instrument itself.
So .........
what would be the best way to ask Agilent to add some events to the COM object which would:
1.)  fire at the end of a sweep i.e."OnSweepEnd"
2.)  fire at OPC                      i.e. "OnOPC"
3.)  fire at Service Request     i.e. "OnSRQ(SRQ as Long)"
4.)  fire in conjunction with various HANDLER events

Possibly 5.) Add DCOM like the PNA (this may be asking too much though

We have twenty or so ENAs used for automated testing and would like the events for process control (i.e. executing custom limit checks,save limit results for every Nth device to a log file, keep a count of passing/failing devices, etc...)

Also, in the future what is the best way to ask Agilent for feature requests?
I have talked to sales reps and tech support in the past, but my requests seem to go unanswered.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,