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Can you downgrade a PNA from version 6.01 to 3.53?

Question asked by SteveE on Jun 28, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2006 by daras
Last week I posted a question about why wouldn't my "new" E8362B accept the command "SENSE1:SWEEP:TIME:AUTO ON" , like the "OLD" pna did, and it was suggested that maybe it was a bug in version A.06.01.05 and that upgrading to A.06.03.05 would fix it. Long story short we upgraded and it didn't, still pukes on that command. But what I failed to notice and mention is that we were running an SMC measurement. The command works just fine for normal measurements, but for FC measurements it wants you to set the sweep time to 0 seconds and it will then default to the minimum (auto) sweep time. Problem solved, sort of. But now we are finding more incompatabilities. Version 6.03 streamlines the FC cal process, GREAT! (always thought that the old cal sequence didn't make much sense). But, problem is, the original programmer hardcoded his cal routines around the old cal method, and now they don't work. Who knows how many other incompatabilities we will find as we go along trying to resurrect this test stand.  

Since we really don't need all the new bells and whistles that the latest and greatest firmware provides, we are seriously thinking about downgrading the firmware in the "NEW" PNA to the version that the original PNA used, so that we can run our old software without modification.

Can this be done? Will a PNA serial #MY43021084 that shipped with version A.06.01.05 be downgraded to version A.03.53. Both of the PNA's were/are WinXP based.