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near field measurements with 8364C pna

Question asked by fcolleon on Mar 30, 2009
Hi all:

I want to use the 8364C analyzer for near field measurements. So, i need samples of the E field for every scanner position (planar near field). I'll measure the pattern of a horn antenna. I have the following doubts:

1.- What parameters should i measure? I mean, i need the amplitude and the phase of the E field, so i should measure s21 magnitude, and use the phase measure option of the pna. Please tell me if there are more suitable options for measure that (magnitude, and phase of the E field).


a) What options should be using for to save the sample data? I want the magnitude and phase, so i need to save, at least, two traces, but i haven't found how to save more than one channel or trace measurements(what format? snp? citi?).

b) I suppose i should use the external triger option, and the options in the trigger menu for measure one point(no sweep). i have been testing with the manual trigger. But when i read the data file, i see the "one point" data replace point by point the previous data file, e.g., if i measure 10 points, and the previous measure is a 201 point file sweep, the new data file is the same 201 point data file as before, with the 10 first data changed. So, how can i get the data file with the one point measures?

Thanks for your help