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Reading S1P and S2P from HP8714ES

Question asked by Didier on Feb 3, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2006 by tsilchia001
I am currently using HPVee 7.5 to communicate to the above network analyzer via GPIB. The task at hand is to divide a frequency range  into smaller spans and read out the set (frequency;S-parameter). Interpolating calibration is obviously required.
The Vee program uses a panel driver (hp8711a.cid) for visual interface for setting up primary parameters (start frequency, etc.), for lack of appropriate panel driver.
So far the program can divide the frequency span and save related data. The only data I managed to get are related to S-parameter.
The problem is:
- I do not know how to get S-parameter AND corresponding frequency;
- Using direct I/O:
  -- Any attempt to write in command results in failure. e.g. HP-IB error: -113       Undefined Header, OUTPDATA, etc.
  -- Any attempt read out data of any kind results in error message.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.