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Get display panel from nwa HP8722C

Question asked by alex001a on Jun 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2006 by mmule54
Hi everybody,
I have a problem to get the screen of the nwa HP8722C to PC.
I am using VB example from the site.the example not supporting this model but i do connect to the model with minor changes in code.

The example use the following commands to get the screen:

    NA.IO.Timeout = 15000
    NA.WriteString "OUTPPLOT"
    data() = NA.IO.Read(150000)

The nwa do responds to the commands without any errors.
The data array(type of byte) then converted to string commands and finaly displayed with picturebox control.
The example seems to be working,but the control show nothing.
What could be wrong here ?
I'll be happy for some help