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Reading S2P from 8510

Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Jan 30, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2006 by tsilchia001
On the VEE reflector, the following was asked:

"I have some questions on this instrument but I couldn’t find answers to my question in the forum.  I have gone over the web and I didn’t find any answers.  I’ll appreciate if you can help me in this issue.

My question is I want to read S2p data from the VNA with HPVEE, what I use today is that I go over each channel and read it separately,

I’m using cascade WinCal program were they read all four s2p in one time."

In answer:  I've not done a lot of programming with the 8510, but as I remember, you must read out the S-parameters one at a time.  I assume that Cascade is doing this.  But you don't need to change channels.  I think you can just program the parameters one at a time (S11, read data, S21, read data, S12, read data, S22, read data).  Normally you would execute a single sweep first.  You might look at the VEE 7.5 example for 8720/8753.  I think the format is quite close to the 8510 format.