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External measurement synchronization on HP8722ET

Question asked by VasilP on Jun 20, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2006 by VasilP
Hello everyone!
I'm using HP8722ET analyser to perform measurements. Sweeps are triggered by external device (using external trigger mode), and I want to have measurement results on PC via GPIO. The problem is that I don't know at PC side whether the sweep have occured. When I request data (using OUTPDATF in my case) they are always returned, and I can't distinguish whether the sweep occured or not.
Is there a way to check externally triggered sweep using GPIO? Or maybe there's another way to perform this synchronization?
P.S. I'm arfaid there's no way for external device to tell PC of sweep initiation.
I tried to check event status registed B (manual said that it's set when " single sweep, group, or calibration step has been completed"), but it does not change when sweeps occur.
Thank you!