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E5071 computer load

Question asked by konstantinos on May 11, 2007
Latest reply on May 11, 2007 by dgun
Dear All,

I consider about the network analyzer E5071C. As i know internal has a computer. The computer made all the jobs. So if i load the internal computer with processes for example with a macro which run over the excel and take some result which tries to display them in real time, made  charts store them and print them  how accurate could be the measurements. I say that because as i know if you load a computer with a lot of processes sometimes the user may move the  mouse but the cursor remains in the same position. So my question is that how load could afford the built in computer unit, before start affect the accuracy of the measurement. I ask that because the machine it will work  on a production line and we consider if we must use an external computer to reduce the load from the internal CPU or if it could handled by itself.
Our expectations are to be able to use an excel which shows the data (filter measurements) and after that put them in our data form  (which is in word) and then print and store them  for each filter.  The testing load is about 2000 pieces per day. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance for your time.