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permeability measurement

Question asked by qyao on Jan 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2009 by stoyan_ganchev
I have purchased a E5061A network analyzer. I need to use it to measure the inductance and resistance of thin film samples in ac magnetic field. As such the frequency dependence of complex permeabiliity of thin films can be achieved by converting the inductance and resistance to the real and imaginary permeabilities, respectively.
  However, I do not know how to connect the thin film samples to the 2 test ports of the E5061A network analyzer. Can you inform me what types of adapter and connector I should order?
  Furthermore, can you tell me how to measure the inductance and resistance of a sample using E5061A network analyzer? I just know the network analyzer can be used to measure the S-parameters. Are there any equations needed to convert data of S-parameters to inductance and resistance?
  At last, I do not know how to excite the ac magnetic field and how to change its frequency. Can I just use a Helmholtz coil applying dc field and a integrated source in the network analyser to excite the ac magnetic field?
  Pleast note that the measurement fixture is a copper strip loop loaded with a thin film sample.
  Thank you very much for your help!