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Repeatability Measurements - 8722 ES

Question asked by Dickerson on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by odanzy
I have an 8722ES and I need some advice on how to record repeatability measurements.
My goal is to record several thousand measurements complied to show an envelope effect
of the total data.  The measurement is to be made on Return loss / Insertion loss.

My first thoughts were to record just the data and write this info to disk.
I was then going to look into compiling the data,with some program, in some form, to produce a chart.
But which of the 3 data types should I be saving?
It turns out that isn't as big a problem as just getting it to save at all. 
I can get the machine to write to flopydisk but it will only saves the instrument state.
This happens no mater which of the data types I select from the menu.
I'm probably not selection the right sequence of buttons to save the file properly.

A friend suggested that I should be looking into a control program run through HPIB that can collect the data and format it for me.

Suggestions appreciated.