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Turning source power off after each sweep?

Question asked by ht156 on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by ht156

I have an E8362B network analyzer and have been trying to use SCPI commands and external triggers to configure the PNA into doing multiple linear frequency sweeps, S21.  I put the network analyzer into group mode with a group count of 1, so that each time the PNA reaches the end of a sweep it will enter hold mode giving my program time to extract the data.  However, when I connected port 1 to a spectrum analyzer i noticed that the source power remains to be on even when its in hold mode.  For my design I need the power to be off whenever the PNA is not taking a measurement.

I called tech support at Agilent and they told me that a new firmware will probably fix the problem. My PNA has firmware version A.06.04.32 this is the newest one available for my PNA.   Since I cannot upgrade my firmware further, are there any solutions into mitigating this problem?

Thanks for your attention.