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rain drop cross section measurements

Question asked by e4411a on Sep 22, 2007

I would like to have set up by which we could do rain drop cross section measurements. I would like to do this in the pulsed mode and the frequency range would be up to 20Ghz.The maximum distance of the transmit antenna from the receive antenna that collects the back scattered energy of the rain drop is 20m.

1.Pls suggest if it would be wise to use a psg with a pulse modulation for the source. If so how do I synchronize it to the PNA for the receive measurements. Would I require optional pulse gen and option H08 in addition to H11 for the measurements?
2. The other option is to use the PNA with the pulsed modulator(Z5623A option H81) for the transmit antenna?
3. Could I have a vertically or horizontally polarized wave from the transmit antenna and if so how do I do it.