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Agilent 3458 - Using two at once

Question asked by slowslc on Sep 12, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2006 by odanzy

I am new to this forum. Here is my problem. I am trying to use TWO Agilent 3458 at the 'same time' on 1 GPIB bus. Obviously with two addresses.

A typical reading usually takes ~ 5 seconds (which adds up fast if you have multiple readings to take).

So I am using two Agilent meters to monitor two different independent sources.

The problem is once I do the command HP3458.Enter (in VB) or              DMM.WriteString("TARM SGL", true) in C# ; - the meter locks up until the readings are done.

How do i get around this ?

So the sequence is

1. Program Meter 1
2. Program Meter 2
3. Trigger Meter 1 <-- this LOCKS meter 1 - so I cannot get to M2
4. Trigger Meter 2
5. Come back ~ hrs later to retrieve data from both M1 and M2.

I've been trying to use the command 

statusValue = DMM.IO.ReadSTB();

with no success.