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GPIB bus extenders

Question asked by djorgens on Apr 14, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by tsilchia001
Our company has switched over to VOIP phones & EIT is no longer supporting the dedicated analog phone lines out to our outdoor range source tower. It lies ~6000' away from the receive site. We plan on upgrading that range receiver to the firefly in the next year or two, but need to reestablish our old 8530 antenna measurment  system which used bus extenders to control the remote signal source (an 836xx fanily) at the base of the tower. We must use time domain gating to remove range reflections, thus the need for the GPIB extenders.

I was wondering if there were any new bus fast GPIB extender options or some way to use our dedicated T1 to reestablish teh comm link. We also have a new PNA & 85309 (but no PSG sources) that work with our antenna pattern recorder and could apply them if that helps solve the problem. Any suggestions?