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Simultaneous multiple receive capability of ENA E5071B

Question asked by Ruthellen on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Ruthellen
We have a 4-port Agilent ENA E5071B plus an E5091A Multiport Test Set, which allow us to measure the S parameters of a multiple antenna up to 16 channels.

Currently, we are doing a project which requires to collect the time-domain channel response with one transmit antenna and up to 8 receive antennas. Thanks to the Agilent experts in this forum, we have set up the VNA parameters as follows: linear sweep, sweep start frequency=end frequency=3.75GHz, IF BW=10Hz, and number of points=1601. These setups allows us to collect the time domain samples up to 160 seconds. For each channel, we are able to obtain a trace for 160 seconds.

However, we are interested in the samples from multiple receive antennas simultaneously. Currently, we connect the transmit antenna to port 1, and 3 receive antennas to port 2, 3 and 4 respectively. The S parameters we are observing are S21, S31, and S41. With this type of connections, we can get S21 and S31 simultaneously, but S41 appears on the screen much later.

My question is that: how many simultaneous ports on our 4-port E5071B? Is it possible for us to get multiple (at least 3) received channel response simultaneously? Thank you very much for your help!