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near-field antenna measurement setup (with pna e8364c)

Question asked by fcolleon on Oct 22, 2009
Hi. Soon i'll be making near field antenna measurements using the pna e8364c. As you may know, what i need for this is the S21 measure between the two antennas, for a fixed frequency (the others S parameters could be useful for correction purposes). In a first stage, i'll conect directly port1(as a source) to the transmit antenna, and port2(as a receiver) to the receiving antenna. For take the measures, i'll be using external trigger, in point mode. I set the frequency using equal "start" and "stop" frequencies.

Is this a correct pna setup ? Is enough for good measures? I have heard about using the pna as a "vectorial voltimeter", and also setups using mixing and downconversion. What option could be best in terms of reliability of the measures?. I show you some data, if useful:

- Frequency range: 26.5Ghz - 45Ghz (i'll use three fixed frequencies in that range).
- AUT= horn antenna wr22
- probe: rectangular waveguide
- we have option 80 (frequency offset)

Thanks a lot for any help.