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E5061A Network Analyzer Question ..

Question asked by tomnickel on Nov 6, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2006 by tsilchia001
Hello all,

In an effort to learn the functionality of the Agilent E5061A network
analyzer, I thought that I’d try connecting a “device under test” that I am
familiar with.

I’ve connected a common, tube-radio 455 kHz I.F. transformer to the
E5061A.  My center frequency is set to 455 kHz and about a 300 kHz
I’m measuring in S21 mode.

What I cannot understand is that I see a “notch” at 455 kHz instead of an
expected “peak”.

I’m just learning this instrument .. can anyone tell me what I’m doing

Thank you!

--Tom Nickel